DIY Poi with Poi Yeah!

Ka rawe! You have your Poi Yeah DIY Poi Pack and you are ready to follow our step by step guide on how to assemble your very own Poi!

What you will need:

☆ DIY Poi Pack
☆ Fabric/Sharp scissors (be careful)
☆ Bucket/Bin

Open your pack:
- Inside your pack you have

☆ 2 square pieces of fabric
☆ 2 balls of hobby fill
☆ 4 pieces of string
☆ 2 handles and cord

To start you are going to seperate your string of your cord evenly for a 3 or 4 braid.

Hold your tassle between your knees or alternatively you can ask some one to help you hold it.
3 or 4 braid your cord until you have 8-10cm excess.

Now when you get to this point, you want to tie off (split into 2 and knot) make sure you leave enough length to tie around your hobby fill fluff.

Squeeze your hobby fill fluff (make sure the cord is centered and at the bottom) Place a piece of fabric over the top and shape it into a ball, make sure no fluff is coming out the bottom - poke it back through until there is no fluff showing. Grab 1 of your 4 strings and wrap around (tightly) 3 times & tie a knot, wrap around again and tie a double knot. Now, using the scissors, carefully trim the string and the fabric to a nice skirt about 3 cm away from the ball of the poi.

Grab another 1 of your remaining strings and tie it (about 1-2cm) around the tassle handle 3 times. Tie a knot. Around again. Tie a double knot. Lastly, carefully trim the bottom of the tassle evenly using your scissors and into the bucket

Tino pai! You've constructed your first poi! Now you can repat the process to create your 2nd poi.

☆ Mīharo! You have successfully made a pair of poi! ☆

Now you can teach your friends & family how to construct their very own Poi!
You can use resources found around the house, from your local shop or allternatively you can get your poi pack from